“Deanne is always helping with my posture and adjustments. I really enjoy her sessions. Just what I need! Thank you Deanne”

Group Classes at Wylie’s Baths, Neptune St. Coogee 

Pilates classes with spectacular views, fresh sea breezes and the sounds of the ocean.  Classes are held on the deck under a shelter, so we are protected from the elements while enjoying Pilates at this iconic location.

Group classes are limited to a maximum number of 15 due to COVID-19 safety reasons. Bookings are essential

I prefer to teach my classes with this maximum number of people to ensure a safe and effective class. This allows me to ensure my clients are executing movements correctly and to limit unnecessary risks. I prefer a therapeutic approach which is taught in a slower and very precise way. The attention to detail is the only way of ensuring that you are working the correct muscle groups with balance and alignment, following the Pilates principles.

Classes are generally of mixed ability and I will help you establish your level while ultimately improving your strength and flexibility. It is very important that one listens to their body and only work to that level which suits them.

Session Times at Wylie’s Baths2015-03-16 14.54.43-2

Monday – 7:00am

Wednesday – 10:30am

Friday – 6:30am and 10.30am

       Saturday – 10.30am

Please remember to bring a mat, sunglasses and water.

To make a booking, please click here.

Individual Classes

These can be conducted in the privacy of your own home if you wish.

Please contact me by clicking here to organise a class time and location.

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